Pharmacy student, Georgie, tells us her experience of getting vaccinated at Homebush Olympic Park Vaccination Hub

As a frontline worker, I had been curiously watching the COVID-19 vaccination rollout unfold for the 1A group since February, knowing that my time in the 1B group would soon arrive. In June, I booked in at my local vaccination facility which is the vaccination hub at Homebush, and was nervous but excited to be among the first million people in NSW to be vaccinated.

I arrived at Homebush 15 minutes before my 3.30pm appointment, double masked with hand sanitiser at the ready. After a not-so exciting 70 minute wait, the 1km line started to move very efficiently! People who didn’t have their smartphone QR code and Medicare card ready struggled to keep up with the herd of people.

We processed into a large room with freshly disinfected chairs spaced 1.5m apart and waited for our unique numbers printed on a small ticket to be called. I was grateful that they texted me when my number was called, as I could only just make out the numbers on the TV screen with the numbers through my slightly fogged up glasses. I needed my anti-fog wipes!

I made my way over to a friendly nurse who asked me a series of questions, some of which she already had the answers recorded on her screen (including my very odd pineapple allergy). I was nervous about the needle as many are too. However, through my silent worrying, she told me it was all finished… and I hadn’t felt a thing!

I felt great. I’d received my first COVID-19 vaccination! The nurse directed me to an observation area where I waited for 15 minutes to make sure I wasn’t having any reactions. Once all cleared, I was on my way home. They really ensured that we were safe to leave after the vaccinations.

Now that I have received both vaccinations, I really do feel so grateful that we have been provided with the opportunity to receive very safe, highly effective and free vaccines in Australia. Watching Sydney descend into lockdown over the last months has been saddening for us all. I know we’re all looking forward to getting back to connecting with the people we love and I personally think the fastest way we can contribute to that is to join together and become vaccinated if we can.

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