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How to beat hay fever

The good news is that by managing your hay fever and taking action before the symptoms get worse, you can also control your hay fever. And guess what? You can also prevent or reduce the severity of your hay fever symptoms if you start treatment early and take extra measures.

Find out about the PBS Safety Net and how it can reduce the cost of your medicines

Our pharmacist Yvonne explains what the PBS Safety Net is and how you and your family can reach the threshold.

How to put in eye drops correctly so that they can work better

When you use a nasal spray, cream or an inhaler, it is important to use the right technique to allow the medications to work effectively. Your eye drops are no different.

How to wear a face mask correctly

Wearing a face mask can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and when combined with social distancing and other preventable actions.

How to use your saline rinse

How clear your nose is after you’ve been to the beach? You start to notice your nose is unblocked and how much easier it is to breathe.

What we can all do to stop the spread

With the news of the coronavirus and the start of flu season, practicing some quick and simple healthy hygiene habits will reduce the spread and protect us from these viruses

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