COVID-19 Care Services

Our pharmacy has made important measures to support you and the community during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Services offered

We offer services to help you to stay safe while you are self-isolating or practicing social distancing :

  • Advice and medication counselling service over the phone
  • FREE home delivery for orders over $10. A delivery fee of $5 for orders under $10 or orders made after 1pm for same day delivery
  • Pharmacy app to order and manage your medications. Easy to set up on your mobile, tablet or computer. Allows for quick pick up or delivery of your medications
  • Workplace Leave Certificate consultation over the phone with an emailed copy of your certificate
  • Hand sanitiser, face masks, surface wipes and other household items available for your convenience

How to organise a delivery or pick up

  1. Contact us for your order via phone, email or MedAdvisor app 
  2. Your doctor may also phone, email or fax us your prescription to organise a delivery for you 
  3. Payment is over the phone or MedAdvisor app via credit card  
  4. You can always pick up your medications by parking out the front of the pharmacy where we can bring your package to your car. Please call to inform our team that you are outside the pharmacy 
  5. Delivery charge of $5 for orders under $10 or orders made after 1pm for same day delivery
  6. Order cut off time is 1pm for same day delivery 
  7. Orders will be packaged and left by the front door. We will ring the doorbell to notify you that your order has arrived 
  8. Delivery services only to Carlingford, West Pennant Hills and North Rocks

Find out more information about the COVID-19 vaccine

How you can get in contact with us

We are available during business hours via:

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