COVID-19 Vaccine

We are standing by to support the rollout of the national COVID-19 vaccination program.

Our priority is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the community. We lead with our purpose – working together to create healthier communities.

The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect you and your family to stop the spread of the virus. Getting the vaccine also means you reduce your risk of complications and a better chance of recovery.

Our pharmacists undertake significant accredited training approved by the government to deliver important health services to improve and support the health of all Australians. These services include the flu vaccination, medication reviews and soon, the COVID-19 vaccination program.

We are now waiting for directions from the Federal Government on when we are able to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination service. We will inform you when this occurs. For the time being, please check your eligibility and where you can currently get vaccinated.

To check your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine and where you can get vaccinated today, go to:

COVID-19 Vaccination

Bookings are not yet open, however will email you when the service becomes available. Please check for your eligibility and other locations for now.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

The vaccine protects not only you and your family but people with disabilities or those at high risk of becoming very sick from the virus. It protects the community from the spread of the virus and serious and life-threatening complications associated with the virus.

The vaccine roll out is divided into phases/groups depending on supply and uptake. The high risk groups were given first priority since the roll out earlier this year and certain groups are now eligible.    

To find out when you can receive your vaccine, visit the Vaccine Eligibility Checker website: 

  • General practices that meet specific requirements 
  • Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services 
  • State-run vaccination clinics 
  • Pharmacies (in certain rural settings and other states). 

NSW pharmacies will soon be available to provide the vaccination. Please register your interest and we will contact you when the service becomes available. Otherwise to check your eligibility and locations, visit: 

Providers must all undergo specific covid-19 training before vaccinating. 

The vaccine is free to call Australian citizens, permanent residents and most visa-holders as per the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 

It is not compulsory.  

Currently, the vaccines available require two doses.  

Depending on the vaccine,  doses given by your GP or pharmacy will be safely administered 4-12 weeks apart. The first dose gets your immune system trained and the second dose gets it ready.  

The official recommendation from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) is: 

  • Not to give COVID-19 and other vaccines on the same day 
  • Optimally, to give them 7 days apart 
  • The interval between COVID-19 vaccines and live attenuated vaccines (including MMR and yellow fever) requires further consideration. Currently, ATAGI recommends a 7 day interval.  
  • There is no particular requirement regarding the order of receiving a dose of flu vaccine and either the first or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The TGA has strict standards for reviewing possible COVID-19 vaccines. They only approve vaccines that prove to be safe and effective.  

The TGA will continue to check every batch of the vaccines for quality and watch out for any adverse events after the vaccination. 

No. None of the vaccines currently approved in Australia contain a live virus that can cause COVID-19 vaccine. It cannot make you sick with COVID-19. 

RANZCOG and ATAGI recommend that pregnant women are routinely offered the covid-19 vaccine at any stage of pregnancy. This is because the risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 is significantly higher for pregnant women and their unborn baby. Talk to your doctor for more information and to discuss the timing of the vaccination with any other vaccines you may require.  

For more information, go to: 

Currently, vaccines approved in Australia are approved for persons  of the age of 16 or 18 depending on the vaccine available to administer. However, TGA has just approved of the one of the vaccines for 12-15 years of age.

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